About Us: Star Bat Bulgaria

STAR BAT Bulgaria Ltd:
Your reliable partner for building high-quality residential projects.

With over 30 years of experience in construction, "STAR BAT Bulgaria" is one of the leading construction companies in Bulgaria. The company has extensive experience in executing various types of projects, including residential, administrative, industrial, and commercial projects.

For Serena Residence, "STAR BAT Bulgaria" Ltd is responsible for the overall construction of the complex. The company uses the latest technologies and materials to ensure the high quality of the construction.

Benefits of buying an apartment in Serena Residence, built by "STAR BAT Bulgaria":

-High quality of construction: "STAR BAT Bulgaria" only uses quality materials and technologies to ensure that the apartments in Serena Residence are healthy and durable.
-Safety: "STAR BAT Bulgaria" applies the highest safety standards in construction to protect the lives and health of workers and residents of the complex.
-Timely completion: "STAR BAT Bulgaria" has an excellent reputation for timely completion of its projects.

For more information, please visit our website or contact us on:
+359 889 202 606
+359 2 981 49 29